Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trick Of The Eye..

I was pleased to see peoples reaction to my paper vessels at the recent New Designers exhibition.
The words 'is that paper' were overheard several times, and people just had to pick them up to check.
Exactly the response I wanted, so 'Thank You' to everybody that left such lovely feedback on my work... It really makes me want to persevere to keep making!

Here's some more images, as promised.

A huge 'Thank You' to my big brother for helping me with the editing of my piccies... I need a little more practice, I think!

New Designer!

New Designers is over, and I'm so so jealous of week 2 being there right now!
It was a brilliant week, speaking to some really exciting people and hearing lots of lovely comments.
The lovely Dec Art girls made it a lovely few days..
Just trying to catch up on a little bit of admin work now, e-mailing some great galleries, so fingers crossed!!!